Wii Console System – Play-Safe Gaming

There have been numerous stories in recent times regarding serious accidents caused to individuals and property resulting from the over energetic use of the Wii controller. This is predominantly caused through the Wii handset controller flying out of your hands during an energetic game.

There is, however, an existing safety feature inbuilt within the Wii controller consisting of a safety wrist wrap. The strap is attached to the bottom of every Wii remote control and this restraint is the main preventative method from stopping the remote from slipping from your hands and damaging yourself and others.

Putting on the Wii safety strap is simple, simply put the wrist strap on your wrist and slide the self adjusting strap toward the base of the controller and place your hand through the loop. Tighten the adjustment giving you a snug and not too tight fitting.

Following the launch of the Wii console Nintendo was notified of a number of users whereby the Wii controller safety strap broke. Soon after Nintendo issued a product recall and introduced new and enhanced sturdier straps in 2006. Therefore, all units manufactured after December 2006 will already come shipped with these new stronger and more robust safety straps. Should you have purchased your Wii console prior to December 2006 then you are due some replacement straps. These can be obtained directly from Nintendo using their online form.

Following further enhancements to the Wii handset safety features, Nintendo then introduced a clear plastic outer jacket to be slipped on to the Wii remote. This, in effect cushioned any impact, which may occur should the Wii remote-control be accidentally released from the safety strap.

To ensure the safety of you, your fellow game players, and your property, ensure that your safety strap is snugly fitted and has not deteriorated in any way before playing each game. Do also ensure that you have plenty of room to move around when playing Wii games and leave yourself plenty of room between you and your television.

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