How to Get Many Years of Trouble Free Use From Your Xbox 360 Console System

Just bought a new Xbox 360? You ought to start thinking right now about getting the maximum mileage from your game console. If you got a console that uses the Jasper chip set, then overheating and the ring of death shouldn’t be a problem.

Even so, there are other things that can go wrong besides overheating. It is normal to not worry about problems until they happen, but if you’ve had a previous Xbox die on you, then you’ll appreciate the importance of preventative care and maintenance. A list of proper care and usage tips:

1.) Keep the box and packaging. You may need to transport your Xbox and placing it back in it’s original packaging will prevent damage due to shock and vibration. It’s so much easier than trying to come up with your own container.

2.) It’s natural to place game cases and other related items on top of your console. This is convenient but also harmful to your Xbox. The console tends to get hot during operation. Any clutter on top of or stacked against the console, acts as an insulator which locks the heat in. While we’re on the subject of heat, your Xbox needs lots of open and well ventilated space. Keep it away from any sources of heat including direct sunlight.

3.) Use an entertainment center that is open on all sides including the back. This will allow proper air circulation in order to avoid heat problems.

4.) This suggestion’s obvious but if ignored can cause a lot of grief. Don’t leave wires sprawled out all over the floor whether they’re controller wires or power cables. Clumsy or distracted people as well as pets can snag them and pull the console onto the floor.

5.) Keep your console and the surrounding area clear of dust. This dust is easily sucked into the cooling vents and traps in heat generated by the motherboard.

6.) If you’re the type that likes to tinker with things, understand that opening up your console will void your warranty. Warranties may be the last thing on your mind right now, but given the poor reliability record of the Xbox 360, they’re very important.

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